An Homage to Grandpa Baker

For anyone who doesn't know, Grandpa Baker does a great long underwear sock trick...so Oliver thought he would try the look too.


Given the recent wave of illness sweeping through the Mom and Oliver, it seems all the more appropriate that Oliver has discovered one of the favorite toys of all children - the toilet paper roll.

Bathtub News

So...one of the joys of an older home is discovering all the ways that people used to do things that seemingly were fine, but are now really bad for us. For example, our bathtub is apparently coated in lead. This means two things. First, we are refinishing our bathtub next week. Second, Oliver now is getting his baths in the kitchen sink!!


Fun Day at the Park

The Prindivilles, the Ansaris and the Kunkers all went to the park on Saturday. Unfortunately, it wasn't nearly as warm as we all would have liked, of course that didn't keep Spencer from going barefoot the whole time. Everyone had a good time, except for one person - see if you can spot him in the photos...


Meat March Madness - Bacon Makes Championship Game

Regional Final(1) Bacon vs. (2) Spare ribs. Ask vegetarians what they miss most, and what tempts them to fall off the wagon, and most will tell you, "Bacon." There's a reason for that.


6 month photos.... 3 months late!

Oliver is now 9 months old. His parents are a bit behind schedule these days. Here are a few fun shots from his 6 month photo shoot.